Customer Focus

All our customers and their equipment are different so we offer substantial flexibility, understanding that one size does not fit everyone. 

What our customers do share is:

  • Reassured by the service from Allied Aerosystems Ltd.
  • Equipment sent to receive the appropriate care and attention.
  • Assistance and advice on the most appropriate solution.
  • Shortest possible time for equipment return.
  • Unquestionable commitment to quality.
  • Rapport and professional job status information.
  • Economic and flexible terms.
  • Delivery by secure transportation.

Your test equipment assets serve a valued purpose in your organisation, ensuring that things you say about your product and service are true. Their performance is a reflection of your own end product and service so you want to be sure it is both suitable and in good health, providing you with truthful answers.

As a ‘One Stop Shop’ provider, we work with you to find the right level of service. This can be anywhere from a completely hands-free approach to your test equipment inventory where we just take care of it to a simple one-off transaction.

We also work closely with you to define the right logistics solution to access our services. This ranges from onsite calibration if practicable to international shipping, where we deal with multiple logistics and freight forwarders, and hold special licences with HM Customs and Excise to ensure that your equipment can be shipped without delays or excess payments.

Your equipment's calibration, test or repair is completed by experienced and competent personnel, with the right mix of technical ability and approachable personality for advice.

We use control methods, measurement equipment and environmental control systems audited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service in accordance with ISO17025 and SGS Quality Auditors in accordance with ISO9001 plus other relevant bodies to ensure that your equipment is safely and professionally examined and tested at the required level to ensure it remains compliant with its intended specifications.

Once your test and measurement equipment has been inspected, calibrated or tested, we will provide you with a full set of results and a certificate of compliance for your office records. We will also provide an appropriate label to be affixed or enclosed with the instrument cross referencing the certificate and store a combined .pdf version of the certificate and results online for your future retrieval, saving you trips back to the quality records office during audit situations.

Once complete we return your test and measurement equipment, either using our own transport; our pre selected couriers and forwarders; or if you prefer where they are customs compliant when required, your own forwarders using your account.

Eventually all measurement equipment becomes obsolete or falls from its peak performance and becomes unusable. We do our utmost to ensure we delay this date's arrival by providing minor adjustments during routine calibration, offering a repair and in some instances a modification to bring it back into specification, or the option to make concessions on its performance with your full knowledge and involvement.

At your equipment's end of life, when we can no longer return it to its specifications, we will inform you and offer you the option to either return it or to save logistics costs and carbon emissions by asking us to recycle it under a licensed disposal system.

We will also offer a replacement service, where we source a replacement item of test and measurement equipment for you.