Extended Capability

Our capability diversity and service offering extends far beyond a few specialised categories.

Our individual departments are constantly working on new capabilities for customers. 

Handling difficult tests and unique equipment are among our strengths. So we develop capability based on customer requirements to inspect and calibrate under the same roof, minimising logistic and administrative times.

When it’s not practicable to perform the calibration in house, as a one stop shop, we have selected and developed a quality subcontract supplier to augment our full-service of offering repairs, replacement parts, new instruments and a complete range of calibration services with Calibration Certificates.

On its return to us, your test and measurement equipment is inspected and the results verified to its required standards by one of our engineers as part of the calibration service. 

Larger immovable items can be calibrated at customer sites, subject to certain conditions.

Handled by dedicated, customer service personnel, who ensure you are informed of your tools' progress and who expedite the supplier on your behalf, your tools are back in the shortest time possible.

When an item is not repairable we can provide replacements, saving you the effort of sourcing from multiple suppliers.

What Is Detectaids

Detectaids Ltd is a manufacturer of ultrasonic test systems, used in the power generation, pressure vessel and machine condition monitoring sectors. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Aerosystems Ltd. 

What We Use

Bespoke electronic test fixtures and custom-made discrete components.

What We Offer

Manufacture of the T950 and mini scan series has now ceased, but we continue to support the existing customer base with repair and refurbishment where parts are still available.



What Is NDT

Non destructive test is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system, so that when the inspection or test is completed the part can still be used.

NDT Equipment techniques cover a multitude of disciplines from ultrasonic; magnetic particle; dye penetrate and visual inspection.

What We Use

Custom gauss sources, qualified inspectors, custom ultrasonic sources and thickness standards, conductivity standards, hardness and roughness standards.

What We Offer

We are constantly updating our service in this field. Please call for our current capabilities.