Ground Support Equipment

Ground support equipment covers all aspects of custom Jigs; Fixtures; tooling and bespoke test equipment across multiple sectors including Aerospace; Automotive; Manufacturing; Telecommunications & Biosciences.

Our individual departments work as a team of laboratories, each with appropriate environmental control measures, ensuring stable, reliable and repeatable results. 

We are a full-service laboratory, offering repairs, replacement parts, new instruments and a complete range of calibration services with Calibration Certificates.

Within the laboratory, each of your tools is cleaned and inspected as part of its calibration. 

We safely and efficiently check your test and measurement equipment to its required standards, ensuring you are only without your equipment during its maintenance for the minimum time possible.

Handling difficult tests and unique equipment are among our strengths. From an aircraft engine transport frame to a titration stirred bath we have capability to inspect and calibrate under the same roof, minimising logistic and administrative times.

Larger immovable items can be calibrated at customer sites, subject to certain conditions.

Handled by technicians with years of experience in precision calibration and expertise in real-world measurement applications, your tools are back in a matter of days instead of weeks.

Your tools are adjusted for best accuracy at no additional charge and you get calibration results as part of our service. Damaged tools can be repaired and restored to their original performance, often for a fraction of their replacement cost. When an item is not repairable we can provide replacements, saving you the effort of sourcing from multiple suppliers.

What is Lifting Equipment

The Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) are a set of regulations created under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 which came into force in Great Britain on 5 November 1998, replacing a number of other pieces of legislation which covered the use of lifting equipment. 

The purpose of the regulations was to reduce the risk of injury from lifting equipment used at work.

Areas covered in the regulations include the requirement for lifting equipment to be strong and stable enough for safe use and to be marked to indicate safe working loads; ensuring that any equipment is positioned and installed so as to minimise risks; that the equipment is used safely ensuring that work is planned, organised and performed by a competent person

In addition, equipment should be subject to ongoing thorough examination and, where appropriate, inspection by competent people.

What We use

Our Force laboratory has a number of competent accredited LOLER inspection personnel and a custom database holding records of inspections. 

What We Measure

We offer inspection, proof loading and repair of lifting frames, lifting equipment and hydraulic devices including aircraft jacks.

lifting equipment

What are Jigs & Fixtures

Some manufacturing operations need parts to be guided by means of another device held in position on a machine.

The device that guides the tool is called jig, and the device that holds the job in position is called a fixture.

Jigs and fixtures eliminate the necessity of a special setup for each individual part on standard machinery; however, because their dimension contributes to the manufactured parts tolerance, they too must be dimensionally stable and to a known tolerance.

What We use

Our dimensional laboratory has a number of geometric dimensioning systems.

What We Measure

Trained metrologists inspect and provide conformance measurements to drawings of jigs and fixtures.

jigs and fixtures

What is Bespoke Electronics

Ranges of special purpose test systems both analogue and digital, offering a spectrum of functionality for any manufacturing test requirements. 

What We use

Custom-made adaptors and measurement systems.

What We Measure

We provide a complete range of solutions tailored to your requirements, covering: Automated Test Systems; modular VXI cards; legacy operator controlled manufacturing test stations. 

bespoke electronics

What Are Filling units

Ranges of special purpose test systems gas and hydraulic, offering a spectrum of functionality for any manufacturing or service requirements. 

What We use

Custom-made adaptors and measurement systems.

What We Measure

We provide a complete range of solutions tailored to your requirements, covering: Landing gear filling, toilet waste vacuum test, tyre pressure inflation and many more.  

filling units