Electrodynamics is the branch of mechanics concerned with the interaction of electric currents with magnetic fields or with other electric currents.

Our Electrodynamics department is divided into four laboratories with appropriate environmental control measures, ensuring stable, reliable and repeatable results. 

We are a full-service laboratory, offering repairs, replacement parts, new instruments and a complete range of calibration services with Calibration Certificates.

Within the laboratory, each of your tools is cleaned and inspected as part of its calibration. 

Dedicated permanent stations allow us to safely and efficiently check your test and measurement equipment to its required standards, ensuring you are only without your equipment during its maintenance for the minimum time possible.

Handling difficult tests and unique equipment are among our strengths. From an aircraft-collision-avoidance system to a basic voltmeter, we have capability to inspect and calibrate under the same roof, minimising logistic and administrative times.

Larger immovable items like Automated Test Equipment rigs can be calibrated at customer sites, subject to certain conditions.

Handled by technicians with years of experience in precision calibration and expertise in real-world measurement applications, your tools are back in a matter of days instead of weeks.

Your tools are adjusted for best accuracy at no additional charge and you get calibration results as part of our service. Damaged tools can be repaired and restored to their original performance, often for a fraction of their replacement cost. When an item is not repairable we can provide replacements, saving you the effort of sourcing from multiple suppliers.

What is DCLF

DCLF - Direct Current and Low Frequency instruments are the mainstay of the electronics industry, measuring voltage, amperes, time and relative measurements, including capacitance, resistance, inductance, frequency.

What We Use

Dedicated stations within the DC/LF laboratory have a range of high-quality calibrator standards and reference meters allowing high-accuracy measurements to be made on your equipment, to the appropriate uncertainty levels and manufacturers' specifications.

What We Offer

Some of the diverse range of ‘General Purpose’ equipment we calibrate and repair, from simple ammeters and voltmeters to full-function calibrators: LCR meters; multi-meters; capacitance meters; (PAT) Portable appliance testers; oscilloscopes; frequency counters; signal and function generators; audio meters; tachometers; programmable loads; power supplies; decade boxes.


What is RF & Microwave

RF – Radio Frequency and Microwave equipment covers instruments that operate at high frequency and require specialist equipment and measurement techniques. 

What We Use

Dedicated stations within the laboratory have a range of high-quality calibrator standards and reference meters allowing high-accuracy measurements to be made on your equipment, to the appropriate uncertainty levels and manufacturers' specifications.

What We Offer

Some of the equipment we calibrate and repair, up to 27 GHz including: Avionic (TCAS) Total Collision Avoidance Systems; (DME) Distance Measurement Equipment; (VOR/ILS) VHF Omni directional Range, Instrument Landing Systems test; (TACAN) Tactical Air Navigation systems; ARINC communications testers; Mobile phone base station scanners; Vector Analysers; Arbitrary function generators; Telecommunications test equipment; Power Meters; Watt Meters. 

RF and microwave

What is High Voltage

Equipment capable of creating damaging levels of e.m.f is tested in a special area where health and safety impacts have been carefully assessed and the necessary isolation of devices during test has been achieved.

What We Use

We use a selection of quality high voltage generators; dividers and meters for both DC and AC, typically at 5, 10, 30 & 100 kilovolts. 

What We Offer

Most high-voltage generators and meters within the above range can be calibrated.

high voltage

What is Photonics

Photonics is the science and technology of generating, controlling, and detecting photons, which are particles of light. Photonics is heavily integrated into modern technologies from lighting; communications; medical instruments; nanotechnology and meta-materials.

What We Use

Our specialist photonics laboratory hosts an array of reference photonic measurement heads for optical related measurements.

What We Offer

The capability of this laboratory is constantly developing to support the growing trends in meta-material and nanotechnology used in both the military and wider industry sectors.


What is Repair

Electronic and Electrical equipment repairs from module to board level.

What We Use

A dedicated team of highly experienced engineers with the appropriate diagnostic equipment and rework tooling, covering all aspects of our calibration capability pick up when items fail and require repair rather than adjustment. 

What We Offer

Repair and retrofit to board level of most things electrical or electronic across a broad spectrum of industries and genres.